Hydrogen Fuel Systems

SEAHORSE Shipping & Engineering, in the framework of research & development

studies, has done studies about hydrogen energy since January 2013. Hydrogen

which is clean, harmless, cheap and renewable energy source, will be one of the

leading energy sources in the future. SEAHORSE Shipping & Engineering has done

researches about hydrogen usage areas, and usable hydrogen systems in the world,

and seen generally that these systems are applied at land vehicles / engines

recently. With these systems, hydrogen is produced from distilled water, and

enters into the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines work with

fossil fuels. It provides decrease at fuel consumption and exhaust emission. We

started and continue to study to get this technology to our country, and improve

this system which can be applicable to large tonnaged vessels. We expect that we

can provide decrease at fuel consumption and exhaust emission as system does at

land based vehicles. Our tests and studies about hydrogen system is continuing.